Multiplex Paper

MultiPlex® is designed to produce sharp images of graphics and text from today’s sophisticated technology in copying. Engineered for laser printers and high-volume copiers. Extra brightness for high image contrast, clarity and sharpness.

A Presentation-quality versatile paper produces sharp images of graphics and text that works well in both laser printers and high-volume copiers ideal for everyday printing in copiers, fax machines, inkjet printers and laser printers. Superior High quality and brightness with excellent opacity produces sharp images of graphics and text from today’s sophisticated technology. The High brightness enhances impact and creates superior image contrast, clarity and sharpness for exceptional color tones and images. The design also features a 160 smoothness to create richer, saturated solids and 93 opacity for minimum show-through.

  • Multi Copy Paper
  • 98 brightness rating
  • Acid-free
  • Derives from Eucalyptus fiber
  • 20 LB
  • For all business copying/printing jobs


Multiplex® Copy paper easy to use for all printing jobs, with a 98 bright that leads the competition, willmake your printed business presentation, resume or school project professional and recognized.


PaperPlex Paper

High definition for enhancement of colour /black print requirement, a smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.

  • A high opacity offers two sided print usage with MSi Brands offering a high print contrast to printing.
  • Digital precision cut edges prolongs performance of copying machine.
  • Anti-curl – Anti Static quality reduces 99% paper jams in the copier-laser printer

This paper is produced under the certification of Forest Stewardship Counsel FSC® insuring a chain of custody from plantation to office. (no illegally logged fiber or pulp was used in production of all MSi Brands.The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) insures a healthy habitat for all peoples and animals to live in harmony.

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